McMaster Medical Acupuncture Program for Ontario Physicians


  1. We have excellent teachers in our program, and many of them, such as Dr. Trinh, are licensed acupuncturists and physicians (Or other licensed healthcare providers.) Our teachers have won or been nominated for many awards in teaching.  

  1. Our program is affordable, and a big chunk of the profits go toward supporting acupuncture research. Why is this important for a practitioner? WSIB and insurance companies are not going to fund acupuncture based on testimonies. They fund acupuncture treatments based on the results of research. Insurance companies and other stakeholders have highly cited studies by Dr. Trinh and his team. Here is an abbreviated list.
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  1. We have an impeccable safety record over the last 25 years. Dr. Trinh and some of the teachers are in the acupuncture expert testimony business by providing expert opinions to lawyers and to professional regulators such as the CPSO. We have yet to encounter one student from our program who was sued for acupuncture malpractice…not even one in the past 25 years!                          Click HERE for more information or to register to our program for Ontario physicians.