Certificate of Attendance

Medical Acupuncture Program Certificate of Attendance (May not be exactly as shown)


Fundamental Level

To be eligible for challenging the Fundamental Level examination, the registrant must have completed at least the three core courses, ACUP 1A20, 1B20 & 1C20.  The Certificate of Attendance is awarded upon successful completion of all the course work and the examination.

Specialty Level

The Certificate of Attendance for the Specialty Level will be awarded for successful completion of all course work and the in-course evaluations/examinations. 

Please Note:

No certificate will be given for partial completion of any Level.

Letter of Credit hours: Course registrants not challenging the examination may request a letter indicating the number of credit hours attended or accumulated with the examination status once at no cost.  The CE office charges for subsequent requests.

This letter merely reflects the number of hours attended or prescribed hours completed. It does not in any way attest to professional competency or clinical proficiency in acupuncture.Please view the Course Descriptions.

Please note that a Certificate of Recognition or Attendance is not a license to practice acupuncture and we do not train health care practitioners to become acupuncturists but to practice acupuncture within their scope of practice. 

It is the responsibility of the course registrants to consult their respective statutory regulatory bodies or Colleges whether acupuncture is within their scope of practice and to ensure that this program fulfills the requirements of their regulatory bodies or Colleges for practising acupuncture before enrolling in our program.