Student Feedback

Below are a sample of feedback from graduates of the McMaster University Medical Acupuncture Program:

“I chose the Medical Acupuncture course versus the Contemporary Acupuncture because it was the program that offered the skills I was most interested in. What I liked best about this program compared to other acupuncture classes was the focus on safe needling and case studies. The Medical Acupuncture fits best with my scope of practice as a Massage Therapist and it made it easy for me to communicate the benefits of acupuncture to my patients.”
Dawn Rockall, RMT, Ontario, Canada

“As an M.D. and a neurologist, I needed an acupuncture program that was evidence based. I searched the U.S. and Canada and the program that best suited my needs was at McMaster.”
Dr. A. Kuntz, MD, Neurologist from Ohio, USA

“I took the acupuncture course in the fall of ’07 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it has broadened my scope of practice with respect to pain management and introduced me to a more holistic approach to medicine.”
Dr. V. Bombin, MD, Hamilton, Canada

“What Dr. Trinh has envisioned for this course would go a long way to teaching practitioners the basics of how to think about trial design. It is through courses like this, that a higher quality of acupuncture research will be conducted in the future than has been conducted in the past.”
Dr. Jeanette Ezzo, MPH, PhD, Acupuncture Researcher, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

“This is an excellent program. Dr. Trinh integrates evidence based medicine with the eastern constructs on a very accessible level. The course was demanding and intense, and required substantial time and focused attention to complete. It was, however, the time well spent. It has provided me with a solid foundation enabling to evaluate patients and formulate treatment plans in a very coherent manner. The experience incorporating the acupuncture into my practice was very rewarding and the results have been positive most of the time.”
Jaroslaw Krawczyk, Physiotherapist, Hamilton, Canada

“The medical acupuncture at McMaster is unique in that it endeavors to be current in it’s evidence based approach but also because the instructors appreciate the beauty of the history of the practice of acupuncture throughout the world.”
Brandy John, RMT, Hamilton, Canada

“Level 1 and 2 of this evidence based program has helped me get my patients feeling better, faster, and with PERMANENT results. It is a very effective adjunct therapy when combined with chiropractic care.”
Dr. Gino Fiorucci, DC, St. Catherine, Canada

“Thank you for running this course it was fun and engaging, it will provide an essential adjunct to my practice. On a personal note you and your team were a hoot, fun and pro at the same time. “
Jeff Hodgart, BMRPT, Toronto, Ontario, Canada